News. 19, September, 2016

NAQWA - Vietnam

NAQWA water purification products received state registration in Vietnam

News. 24, January, 2016

The safest type of personal water filters.

NAQWA recognized THE SAFIEST type of personal water filters

News. 23, December, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to NAQWA partners, distributors and agents all over the Globe!

News. 21, October, 2015

NAQWA® upgrades its SHUNGITE model.

NAQWA® is upgrading its NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE model in response to increasing interest to this product from the customers

News. 01, September, 2015

NAQWA increases productivity

NAQWA laboratory in Obninsk, Russian Federation, has announced a further upcoming improvement of NAQWA Spring Drinking Water Recoverer ( NAQWA SWR)

News. 15, July, 2015

NAQWA-South Korea.

A delegation of Naqwa Ecotap - the exclusive distributor of NAQWA SWR water recoverers in South Korea visited Moscow on 01-11 July

News. 18, May, 2015

NAQWA awarded 2 Gold nominations in Russian ranking

NAQWA is awarded 2 Gold nominations in Russian economical ranking as the most dynamic innovative enterprise in its sector of economy in Kaluga region and Russia on the whole.

News. 20, March, 2015

NAQWA upgrades its purification technology

Following the widening of NAQWA markets geography and related to this new local challenges Russian NAQWA LLC is launching a new upgraded model of its NAQWA water recoverer

News. 19, February, 2015

New Trade Name for NAQWA product.

This February NAQWA associate in UK has launched a new brand name "Perfect Aqua" for NAQWA SWR product. The move was made following "the superb market response in the last 9 months" and further upgrades in the product

News. 12, December, 2014

More NAQWA Certifications.

NAQWA drinking water recoverer NAQWA SWR has received regional certifications in South Korea, Kazakhstan and Nigeria