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News. 24, January, 2016


NAQWA® has completed laboratory tests related to ability of bacteria to grow inside most widely used types of personal water filters available on the world market today. Laboratory tests carried out at NAQWA® own laboratory in Obnisk has shown a very high probability that bacteria continue rapid growth inside so called "closed" type personal water filters especially while these water filters are out of operation.

This refers in first place to so called ultra filtration "closed" type water filters which use hollow fiber membranes. Although such filters are strongly recommended to be backwashed between the operations it does not seem to solve the issue completely as some of the bacteria polluted water still remains inside the filter after the backwashing.

This does not happen in the "open" type NAQWA® SWR drinking water recoverers especially due to a patented anti bacteria technological solution provided inside the filter. In this respect the main advantage of our product is that to the date it is the only on the world market track membrane water filter of the safest "open" type! It means that unlike in the most water filters of the "closed" type (more than 90% of portable water filters currently available on the world market) NO BACTERIA GROWTH IS POSSIBLE INSIDE NAQWA® SWR! This NAWA® patented technology alone is enough to put our product in the leading position on the market.

Other important features of NAQWA® SWR are as follows:

- outstanding quality of water purification;
- unique water structuring due to the human cell technology utilized;
- no need to change the cartridge;
- green product - no chemicals used;
- high capacity;
- easy in use;
- suitable both for in & outdoor use;
- very affordable price.

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