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News. 19, September, 2016

NAQWA water purification products received state registration in Vietnam. The state Ministry of Health registered NAQWA SWR water purification products and issued permission for their import to the country. Vietnam represents one of the very important markets for NAQWA along with Africa and India where NAQWA started its activity 2 years ago.

NAQWA project in Vietnam is expected to be a combination of business and charity projects. Core participants in the project from the Vietnamese side are "Vietnam NAQWA Technological Joint Stock Company" and a non - profit association "Spiritual Science NPA" .

The head of "Vietnam NAQWA Technological Joint Stock Company" Mr Pham Duc Anh expresses the following expectations for NAQWA project in Vietnam:

"Vietnam has a population of over 90 million, more than 70 percent of the population lives in the countryside, nearly 30 percent of the population lives in the city. Vietnam has more than 22 million households.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), water pollution and poor hygiene caused an estimated 22.000 deaths in Vietnam annually. Besides, at the latest count of Vietnam Ministry of Health, more than 80 percent of infectious diseases in Vietnam are related with water pollution. That is 30 persons are killed every 2 hours because of cancer. Water and food pollution caused the global cancer burden is increasing rapidly in Vietnam.

Water purifier market in Vietnam has grown by 200 % in the last five years. However, only 2% of the Vietnam population is using water purification products.
Over all, it may be said potential market of Vietnam is very large, we hope that we can introduce Naqwa products to customer. We has committed to become a reputable brand name in customer care and improve Vietnamese quality of life".

From NAQWA side we are also looking forward to fruitful cooperation with our partners in Vietnam to bring NAQWA products to those people in need for whom these products have been created and are basically intended.

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