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News. 10, December, 2016

NAQWA received a Third Party Liability Policy from ALLIANZ  - one of the  world leading insurance companies.

The Policy covers the "third party liability insurance against damage caused by drawbacks of goods, works and services".

In accordance with the Policy the risk  insured is " the risk is of occurrence of third party liability of a Person with insured liability for damage inflicted to life, health and/or property of the Beneficiary resulting from: 

- hidden defects and special qualities of the goods;
- defects and special qualities of materials, equipment, tools etc used in the manufacturing of the tools;
- inaccurate or insufficient  information on the goods.

The Insurance Policy from ALLIANZ  which covers THE WHOLE WORLD provides another confirmation of NAQWA technology and products which already received international certifications of different countries not only in the former Soviet Union but also in  Europe, Asia, Africa and India.

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