Certification Tests: Russia, Australia, UK, S. Korea, Indonesia, Ghana, India, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Vietnam.

RF Patent #129413
RF Patent #81722
News. 28, March, 2017

NAQWA met in Moscow a high level delegation from Burundi to discuss a long term business cooperation in distribution of NAQWA products in this as well as in other countries of Africa... More »

News. 14, February, 2017

NAQWA continues to take part in humanitarian missions in Syria. (Video)... More »

News. 16, January, 2017

99,99999 – 99,9999999% purification level of NAQWA product was officially reported in London laboratory testing... More »

  • The  safest "open" type water filter!
    No bacteria growth is possible inside NAQWA SWR (patented).
    You can never be sure with other more than 90% of  "closed" type water filters on the market
  • Human Cell Technology
    The NAQWA recoverer utilizes the water processing technology of a human cell!
  • Instant drinking water
  • Green: No chemicals used
  • Productive: up to 50 L/day
  • High Capacity: up to 20 000 L
  • No Power needed
  • No change of cartridge needed
  • Portable
  • Weight: 95/65 g (with/without case)

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GET FREE up to 20 000 L of Safe Drinking Water!
REDUCE up to 100 Tons of Carbon Emission!
SAVE up to 60 000 Plastic Bottles!