Portable water filter NAQWA | News | NAQWA® upgrades its SHUNGITE model.
News. 21, October, 2015

NAQWA® is upgrading its NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE model in response to increasing interest to this product from the customers.

NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE Drinking Water Recoverer

Scope of application

NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE Drinking Water Recoverer (hereinafter referred to as the “NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE) is intended for enhanced drinking water recovery treatment of water from superficial and underground water resources as well as from centralized water supply systems.

This model of NAQWA® SWR contains SHUNGITE rock – the unique Russian mineral rich of FULLERENES which are considered to be the STRONGEST natural ANTIOXIDANT on the Earth to the date!

NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE is additionally equipped with

The Fullerene Enhanced Cartridge - enhances purification of water and makes it enriched with antioxidant Fullerenes!

Read more about Shungite-Fullerene...

Application of NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE reduces to zero or an acceptable level the concentration of the following dangerous components:
- malignant bacterium;
- radio nuclides;
- heavy metals;
- pesticides;
- other hazardous substances.

At the same time all important for human health micro elements are remain preserved in the treated water.


The track membrane cartridge is the core NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE element. The track membrane cartridge on NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE model includes SHUNGITE which enhances purification of drinking water and makes it enriched with antioxidant Fullerenes!

The track membrane is a thin polymer film of about 10 microns thick on each square centimeter of which there are hundreds of millions of pores (holes) of 0.2 - 0.4 microns in diameter (approximately 100 times thinner than a human hair!), thus ensuring the warranted high quality of the purification process.

The purification quality remains unchanged and does not reduce its perfectness until the complete expire of NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE operating resource.

NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE is made of materials approved for contact with drinking water, migration rate of any substances from NAQWA SWR SHUNGITE materials into water does not exceed the established norms.

During purification the risk of mixture of purified and contaminated water is practically eliminated due to the special structure of NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE.

The Silver Coated Outlet Tube additionally prevents bacteria from getting inside the filter!

NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE is very easy and convenient to use at home, and it is indispensable particularly outdoors (travelling, fishing, hunting, expedition), as well as in emergency situations. Small size and light weight of NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE make it universal for both in and outdoor usage.

More information about  NAQWA NAQWA® SWR SHUNGITE is available on the products website

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