Portable water filter NAQWA | News | NAQWA increases productivity
News. 01, September, 2015

NAQWA laboratory in Obninsk, Russian Federation, has announced a further upcoming improvement of NAQWA Spring Drinking Water Recoverer ( NAQWA SWR).

The latest innovation in the leading NAQWA model of personal/family water filters deals with the increase of the filter productivity. The current productivity of 50 Liters per day will  increase 3 times up to 150 Liters per day. This quantity will be enough to provide clean drinking water to about 60 adults per day according to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The new increased productivity of NAQWA SWR is especially important for users in the remote areas of Africa, India and South Pacific where local communities may use one unit  for several families. It will reduce the cost of drinking water recovered per capita and make the product more effective and affordable for poor people.

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