Portable water filter NAQWA | News | NAQWA upgrades its purification technology
News. 20, March, 2015

Following the widening of NAQWA markets geography and  related to this new local challenges  Russian NAQWA LLC is launching a new upgraded model of its  NAQWA water recoverer.

The innovation used in the new product is based on NAQWA's own new water purification technology and is related to a special purification stage which will be additionally  provided inside new NAQWA water recoverers. This innovation which  is now being patented  in Russian Rospatent Agency will allow not only to increase the water purification reliability  during the filtration process in itself, but it will also prevent bacteria growth inside the NAQWA water recoverer when the filter  is not being used.

The new technological solution applied in NAQWA water recoverers is solely based on a new  Russian water purification technology developed in NAQWA LLC. To the best of our knowledge  no similar technology is used in any water filters available on the world market today. It is expected that the first NAQWA recoverers with the new water purification technology  will be available  for NAQWA distributors in Russia as well as in Europe, Africa, India, China and South East Asia in the second half of 2015.

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