Portable water filter NAQWA | News | Cooperation with Egypt.
News. 30, June, 2014

Petros Group hosted in June a business delegation from Egypt to develop further cooperation on Russian nano products and technologies.

Mr Osama M.Ali, the Chairman of UGPT group expressed his interest in Russian nanotechnologies and products devoted first of all to water purification and also to NanEx nano fire extinguishers.  The both technologies are developed in Russia and the corresponding products based on these technologies have been already shipped to many countries all over the world.

After visiting the manufacturing facilities and conducting negotiations in Petros head office in Moscow Mr Osama M. Ali expressed intention of UGPT Group to bring NAQWA and NanEx nano products to Egypt as well as to some other countries of the region.

The both sides also discussed opportunities to trade Egyptian goods in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

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