Portable water filter NAQWA | News | October 2013, NAQWA and CFCD took part in an exhibition “Gelar Karya” in Jakarta Conventional Center, Indonesia.
News. 08, November, 2013

During 2-6 of October 2013 in the framework of cooperation NAQWA Indonesia and CFCD Indonesia took part in an exhibition “Gelar Karya” in Jakarta Conventional Centre. NAQWA Indonesia presented “NAQWA SWR” drinking water recoverer which is already well known in many countries.

CFCD, Corporate Forum for Community Development, has been operating on territory of Indonesia for more than 10 years for now, and its objective is unification (association) of CSR companies in Indonesia for provision of assistance to the local community. NAQWA Indonesia signed MOU with CFCD on 24 of July.

 During the exhibition NAQWA water recoverer was presented to the representatives of CSR of many big Indonesian companies which are the members of CFCD. The product made a great interest among participants and organizers of the exhibition.

The cooperation with CFCD and CSR’s of big Indonesian companies is making NAQWA water recoverers more available for Indonesians in rural territories.

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