The Science of Structured Water

The Cycle of WaterThe Cycle of Water

Structured water might be thought of as purified mountain water. It is helpful to understand the water cycle. Fresh water begins in the ocean. As water evaporates, the water rises into the atmosphere. If it were not for dust particles in the air the water molecules would not fall back as rain. A molecule of water attaches itself to a dust particle, which in turn gathers more and more molecules until it gets heavy enough to fall to earth in the form of rain. Today, because of industrial pollutants, sulfuric acid and other contaminants, rain returns to earth as acid rain.

This contaminated water enters our forests, rivers and lakes. Other chemicals are introduced, such as chlorine. A Structured Water unit restructures the water just as a mountain stream filters the water in a river as it flows through gravel, rocks and underground. The water that falls to earth as acid rain is cleansed naturally in the process. Salts, heavy minerals and other contaminants are deposited in the good earth. Our forests and lakes are contaminated in the process. This is the very reason beer makers and natural bottled water markets claim to use mountain spring water in selling their products. 
All living organisms contain Structured Water

All living organisms contain Structured WaterWater inside our body's cells is structured water. The water preferred by human cells is structured into small clusters containing five to twenty molecules. What is good healthy water? It must be fit to drink, and be free of pathogens and pollutants. Municipal water in most cities is treated to make it safe to drink. The treatment, normally chlorine, kills most disease causing bacteria. That's a good thing; however, many people consider the levels of chlorine in the water to be a pollutant and it tastes bad. There is big business in chlorine removing filters. It seems we have taken the lesser of two evils in disinfecting of our water. The treatment eliminates the threat of bacterial contamination

Structured Water

What is structured water? Water molecules are attracted or loosely attached to each other through hydrogen bonding. In normal water this attraction makes water ”cluster” together in large assemblies of water. These clusters have size and shape; both their size and shape can affect biological organisms.

The water molecule, made up of two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms, is what most of us think of as water. The true picture is a little more complex. These molecules appear to be very gregarious. They like to get together and are seldom found alone. They will cluster in groups of from five molecules to over 600 molecules. These groups are not static. Water molecules will switch from one group to another very easily and do so often. Hydrogen bonds are being made and broken several times a nanosecond. This creates the unimaginably dynamic energy environment of water. It is the size and shape of these clusters of molecules in their never ceasing interaction that is the “structure” of water.

Despite what you may have heard — much of the tap water, deionized water and even bottled water has a pH of around 5.5-6.5. The long term effect of this acidic water is that it causes the buildup of free radicals in the body, which are the source of aging, cancer and the destruction of healthy cells. Not only can most filter systems remove almost everything from water, they also remove water's aliveness, leaving one with essentially 'dead' water.

Water inside our body's cells is structured water. The water preferred by human cells is structured into small clusters containing 5 to 20 molecules.

Even amounts of contaminants much lower than now considered safe in our water could have detrimental biological effects. This brings us to look at the allowable contamination levels in all our water sources. We may have been damaging our environment and ourselves much more than we could have possibly imagined.

If water can retain the memory of the pollutants and that memory can survive filtration and chlorine treatment, what information are we giving our body's cells?

There are regions of the earth where water is thought responsible for the longevity of people in those regions. The Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan is famous for longevity. Also, the waters of Lourdes in France and other venerated sources. The waters of Tiacotle Mexico have been praised for their health giving properties. What is it about those waters that make a difference? Well, they all have the same thing in common. They all have essential bio-available minerals in solution. So they are not absolutely pure. They are, however, all free of disease-causing bacteria, so they are safe to drink. These similarities do not account for their fame. We can make similar water in the laboratory and it does not have any more benefits than normal water.

The reason these waters are so prized is all of them have a different structure than most waters. Researchers had to wait until Nuclear Magnetic Resonance became available to show that these waters have distinct structural differences from other waters.

Water Is The:

Ultimate Food
Greatest Medicine
Most Economical Fuel & Energy Source

Good health is determined by the cells' ability to receive water. When the cells walls are no longer flexible – aging begins. A child is 86% water but this is reduced to 65% as we age. Our brain is 96% water.

Extra cellular fluid depends on more available Oxygen.

Inner cellular consumption depends on more available Hydrogen, which is why maintaining a good pH balance in the water is so important.

Dehydration is the principle causative factor in aging and most diseases. This is why it is important to drink eight glasses of water a day and to abstain from drinking that water as anything other than pure water. The measurement of this is Surface Tension that is measured in Dynes per cubic centimeter.

Distilled water is around 72-78 Dynes/cubic centimeters, whereas water necessary to penetrate the cell wall needs to be less than 46 Dynes. The reason alcohol is so easily absorbed by the body is because it is 28 Dynes.

The special waters associated with longevity and health are rich in bio-available minerals. Over fifty studies in nine different countries have shown an inverse relationship between the the amount of magnesium in the drinking water consumed and heart attack rates. In these areas, where magnesium is high in the drinking water, there are fewer heart attacks and where magnesium is deficient there are more heart attacks. Distillation, R/O and water softeners, the most popular forms of home water treatment, get rid of most or all essential minerals. Many bottled water manufacturers will replace these by spiking the water with minerals, but are those the essential minerals that are in the array supplied naturally by flowing water? Nature knows what is best for life and what is not. There is no magic bullet that can equal what nature supplies which is more in balance with life itself.

Another attribute special waters have in their structure is called 'hungry water', the ability to attract and encapsulate within the water molecule elements bad for human life. When this water is consumed it attracts more of these elements as it passes through to the elimination system. Elements good for human life ride on the exterior of the water molecule and are released into the body's function.

The benefits of structuring in nature's way is to remove excess minerals and suspended gases from the water, restructure and revitalize the water, make it cleaner and better tasting, hydrate the cells better, lower the surface tension for better cleaning and mixing, balances water, and remove the built up scale in plumbing and fixtures. This gives water a lower surface tension and therefore better cell hydrating properties like we talked about earlier.
75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated. Even mild dehydration slows metabolism, causes fatigue, reduces short-term memory, and increases existing health challenges. Drinking the right water is even more important than drinking more.
Water is one of the most essential components of the human body. Water regulates the body’s temperature, cushions and protects vital organs, and aids the digestive system. Water not only composes 75 % of all muscle tissue and about 10% of fatty tissue, it also acts within each cell to transport nutrients and dispel waste. Because water composes more than half of the human body, it is impossible to sustain life for more that a week without it.
Drinking Structured Water is cheap insurance. One of the easiest ways to help the body function optimally and remain disease-free is to keep it well hydrated. By drinking Structured Water throughout each day, it assists our bodies’ ability to flush toxins and metabolic waste.
Research has shown that proper hydration may minimize chronic pains such as rheumatoid arthritis, lower back pain and colitis, as well as lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Most health practitioners  advise that if we simply drank enough water to keep our bodies sufficiently hydrated, many of the chronic diseases we find today would be seriously abated.
Research has also shown chronic dehydration to be the root cause of many diseases associated with aging (e.g. arthritis, GI disorders, senile dementia). To compensate the situation, our thirst signals decline as we become accustomed to being dehydrated as we age. Dehydration in the elderly can become a real problem.
Not all water is created equal. Structured Water holds in the excess stable oxygen. It will help the body assimilate this water to a greater degree than ordinary water. Our bodies contain structured water when we are born. However, as the human body grows older, it is subjected to stress, contamination, pollutants, free radicals, poor diet and other external factors. The body begins to dehydrate and the structured cell water which we are born with, begins to diminish, losing its effective shape. The result is that our ability to absorb water begins to decrease as we age.
By using a Structured Water Unit one can actually smell, feel and taste the difference immediately. Think of what it can mean to your family’s good health and well being. You can drink water directly from your tap. Think of what this translated in savings: not having to buy bottled water. Think of how plastic bottles have become a problem to the environment. 
Fuel of Life
Structured water is loaded with negative hydrogen ions. "Hydrogen is the fuel of life." All the food we eat does one thing for us. It releases hydrogen which is burned by oxygen in the final chemical reaction releasing the energy that makes ATP, the fuel that actually runs our bodies. Carbohydrates are one-third carbon, one-third hydrogen and one-third oxygen. We have enzymes in the body called dehydrogenates and their purpose is to loosen hydrogen on the food we eat so that the hydrogen (hydrogen is the fuel) can be burned by oxygen, releasing energy, and the carbon and oxygen left on the carbohydrate turns into carbon dioxide gas which we breathe out and the plants breathe in. That is called the Krebs cycle. Hydrogen is the energy source that runs our bodies; it is the energy source that fuels the universe; it is also the energy source that runs the sun. Hydrogen makes up 90 percent of the mass of the universe. Secondly, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a Hungarian physiologist, said that hydrogen is the carrier of electrons in the living system, and he added, no electrons are carried anywhere in the living system unless they are attached to hydrogen. Hydrogen is the carrier of all electrons in all chemical reactions. Cells, proteins and tissues in our bodies store hydrogen in huge quantities in such a way that you don't need enzymes to use that hydrogen. And Szent-Gyorgyi also said he believed that it had something to do with cellular division itself and it is the secret of cellular division.

Well Units

In well units, structuring more efficiently removes excess minerals and suspended gases, including sulfur smell. The efficiency of the unit and the well, being ground water, is exponentially enhanced when the heavy discharged water is returned to the source of the well, through a process called 'entrainment' which causes all the elements to return to their family — their source. This results in all wells using this same source ground water to be enhanced and eventually clear and clean as if there were a unit on every well.

Water Connection

1. The exchange between nature's systems always creates a surplus of energy.
2. Water exists within almost every religious system as the expression of mans connection to the inner harmonies and rhythms in nature.
3. Man became dysfunctional with the harmony of nature during the advent of civilization.
4. Water is the great mediator between the energetic and material world, between that of pure light and that of matter.
5. Water has no inherent form of its own; water embraces the form of everything it comes in contact with.
6. Water becomes the carrier of life, the chief communicator channel between life energies.
7. Water is the accumulator, transmitter and transducer of energies and is continually transferring life processes from one system to another in its helical evolutionary manner.
8. The connection with water was lost by man when he turned from internal insight, which comes through nature's rhythms and energies of life cycles around us.
9. The explosive hydrocarbon technologies are robbing the earth of its oxygen resources at an alarming rate.
10. The wonder of oxygen, with its ability to capture and transport non-vectored or feminine quality life force energies, is our single greatest resource.
11. The depletion of oxygen overshadows all other pollution concerns.
12. Water has the ability to hold memory through its geometric structuring.
13. Structured water freezes at a lower temperature.
14. A very simple test for measuring anomalous water is its freezing points.
15. Structured water increases minerals, medications or any other supplement absorption to 100 percent.
16. Through the process of entrainment Structured Water continues its life giving properties long after its intended use.
17. Structured Water requires no physical energy which is recommended for hydration. Structured water in its perfection knows what is good for life and what is not by the negative & positive charges on each component.
18. There are 66,000 pollutants that can be dissolved in water.
19. Water becomes dead water when run through 300 feet of straight pipe.

Health Benefits

There are many benefits of drinking and watering using the structured water.

These are some of the numerous health and well-being benefits from geometrically structured water. The body seeks balance and water also seeks to be in balance so the body will replicate itself to water which is naturally balanced. Nature's gift to humanity is water, structured to be self-healing and in balance. Water is also attracted to balance. As water has memory it will remember all thoughts and energies in its immediate surroundings, both negative and positive, in its effort to achieve balance. Nature accelerates this process in the environment by creating the geometric configurations necessary to achieve and maintain balance, through the vortex activity created as it moves over stones, waterfalls and ravines.

This is why water purifies itself as it moves downstream or is fed by high elevation glacial runoff. It also explains why water moving through as little as 300 feet of pipe or which is held in a bottle for a long period of time becomes 'dead' water. Some of structured water health benefits are:
• It assists in the release of healthful vitamins & minerals to all life
• Fish tanks become cleaner and healthier
• Ice cubes are harder and clearer
• Hair & skin rinses are cleaner and hair feels better when washed
• Livestock, domestic pets & fish become healthier
• It improves health, less joint & muscle pain, more energy
• Balances water
• Less soap is necessary when washing
• Reduces the effects of sunburns
• Prevents dry itchy skin — no chlorine smell
• Promotes longer life (anti-aging)
• More refreshing showers & bath (Replace soft water units)
• Reduces odors around/in bathrooms & toilets
• Clothes are washed and rinsed cleaner in the laundry
• Removes existing calcium & aragonite deposits — spotless dishes, window washing & car washes.

Structured Water Oxygen

Because Structured Water contains stable oxygen, it does not dissipate immediately. This added oxygen can help to raise oxygen content in the blood by up to 10 points on a 100 point scale. Low oxygen content in the blood can be associated with poor health and headaches. Structured Water is great for high altitudes it tastes pure, smooth and clean. Some people state it has a sweeter taste than other waters.

How important is Oxygen?

• 90% of all “life energy” is created by Oxygen.
• All functions in the body are regulated by oxygen
• The brain processes billions of bits of information per second—Thanks to Oxygen

Much More Than Just Water! Research has demonstrated that Structured Water:

• Helps increase or improve Hydration on an intra- and extra– cellular level in
22 minutes.
• Helps detoxify the cells through superior hydration.
• Helps balance water.
• Helps double the immune system response in only 7 days.
• Helps reduce blood pressure.
• Helps increase Oxygen content in the blood (helps alleviate altitude sickness).
• Helps increase thought processing, mental awareness and creativity.
• Helps reduce swollen joints that are associated with arthritis.
• Helps establish better health and overall vitality.

Landscaping & Outdoor Water Features

Nature also geometrically structures water in ways to bring balanced water to the environment. The unit creates a Fluid Machine which alters the molecular structure of the water, activating and retaining the healthful benefits of minerals and characteristics while excess suspended solids, contaminants and sediment are dynamically removed. This creates wetter water so it penetrates the soil, carrying sodium, magnesium and other clogging elements deeper into the soil. This allows greater root penetration and fewer salts which bind the top soil. Some of these benefits are:

• Cleaner hot tubs & spas with less chemicals required
• Improved ability of plants to withstand lower freezing temperatures
• Cut flowers last longer
• Healthier landscape — greener lawns, more vibrant trees and shrubs.
• Improved growth of crops with increased biomass (27% to 40%)
• Healthier household plants
• Reduces the amount of water required (up to 50%)

Cost Savings
There are also numerous financial benefits to utilizing the structured water for both drinking, livestock watering and crop and landscape growing:
• Less soap is consumed when washing.
• Less fertilizer is required on gardens, house plants, crops and trees.
• Removes corrosion & increases the life span in pipes of hot water heaters, dishwashers, swamp-coolers, water heating systems, ice makers, etc.
• Improves aerobic bacterial activity in all septic & sewage systems, reducing anaerobic bacteria.
• Reduces chlorine required for swimming pools, hot tubs and spas.
• Less algae growth in ponds & aquascapes.
• Increases longevity of all systems that use water.
• Removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits in pipes, water heaters and faucets.
• Solvency of the water increases profits from sales of coffee & juice.
• Don't have to buy bottled water.
• Don't have to replace cartridges.
• Being healthier means less trips to the doctor.

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