Naqwa® is a drinking water project of Petros Group established in Russia in1991.
Our mission is to provide high quality drinking water to people in remote areas, emergency situations and expeditions where drinking water supply is limited or often is not available at all.
Main research and production facilities of Naqwa® project are situated in Russia near Moscow.

Product's Background.

Our products are innovative water recoverers of the entirely new type. These products are based on the truly revolutionary track membrane  technology (RF Patent #129413, RF Patent #81722), invented by Russian academician N. Flyorov in 1980-th.
The technology was developed and shaped up to the perfection in the leading Russian nuclear centers and nowadays is successfully used even for purification of blood and some other liquids where the highest level of purification is simply a must.

Water Recovery Technology.

Naqwa® water recoverers provide for the top quality drinking water recovery at the level which combines two basic types of water recovery -  the purification from bacteria and other contaminants as well as  the physical and informational water restructuring. NAQWA® water recoverer is a nano sieve. The highest level of water purification  is provided by the following  two basic factors:

1. Water molecules are smaller in size that molecules of the most dangerous bacteria and other water contaminants, therefore only clean water passes through the track membrane.

2. The additional purification of water  occurs due to a specific electric effect which is the  unique characteristic of the track membrane only. As a results of these two basic mechanisms of water purification in NAQWA® water filters  all water contaminants including bacteria remain on the surface of the track membrane  and can be easily removed from it manually.

Enhanced  water purification and water anti oxidation  are taking place  in NAQWA® SWR Shungite model where Shungite mineral is used.   

As both the international certifications and practice show Naqwa® water recoverers match the  highest international standards of indoor and outdoor water purification by upgrading ordinary water from tap, rivers, lakes and even swamps up to the safe drinking water free of bacteria as well as to some extent from  heavy metals, chlorine, arsenic  and similar contaminants.

What is more, Naqwa® water recoverers also restructure water erasing its “bad memory” inherited from the long and mixed “previous life” of water. This is especially important for urban areas where galloping  informational and conventional pollutions are becoming really critical and life destructive issues.

Green Product.

It is very important that all remarkable characteristics of Naqwa® water recoverers are achieved without using chemical or any other additives which when applied very often  result in substitution of one type of pollution by just another. NAQWA® SWR is a truly green product.

The Safest "Open" Type Water Filter.

The main advantage of our product is that to the date it is the only in the world market track membrane water filter of the safest "open" type! It means that unlike in the most water filters of the "closed" type (more than 90% of portable water filters currently available on the world market) NO BACTERIA GROWTH IS POSSIBLE INSIDE NAQWA® SWR! .

Portable, Personal, Family.

As a truly high tech product Naqwa® water recoverers are of small size and light weight which make them very convenient for both household and outdoor use. It is intended and believed to be the best solution as personal/family water filter for rural communities, people in emergency situations and travellers.